Why Should You Buy Locally-Produced Eggs?

Published: 27 January, 2021


Adding an egg or two to your diet can help you meet your daily nutritional requirements. Besides balancing your diet, there are numerous other health benefits linked to eating eggs daily such as increasing metabolism, boosting the immune system, and improving brain health.

However, not all eggs are the same, providing the same benefits. Only locally-produced eggs can be considered a good source of all the essential nutrients.

Here’s a list of benefits that are attributed to locally-produced eggs.


Locally-produced eggs mean they don't undergo much travel to reach your nearby supermarket, thereby staying fresh and flavourful till you eat them. When cooked they taste better than their 20-30 day old versions. Eggs have a shorter shelf-life; even if stored well their quality drops after 3 or 4 weeks. So, the fresher they are, the tastier they will be.

Jenan eggs are farm-fresh; delivered right after they are laid. You’ll know the difference in taste once you give it a try.


Fresh eggs are healthier! Like any other fresh produce, eggs also start to degrade the moment they are produced. But, the process takes weeks before they go completely useless. Their nutritional value also declines over time. Locally-produced eggs ensure that you get them fresh - to be precise, in a few day’s time and in their nutrient-rich form.

Jenan eggs are not only farm-fresh but also nutrient-dense. To make our eggs the healthiest food option around you, we raise our hens as 100% vegetarian meaning their eggs will be free of animal protein, chemicals and hormones.


An egg is a warehouse of nutrients. From proteins to a range of vitamins and minerals, you can find traces of almost all the powerful nutrients, even rare and unknown ones in an egg such as choline, zeaxanthin and lutein, all of which can contribute to your overall health and well being.

However, the nutritional contents of eggs vary depending on what the hens are treated to. Jenan eggs are Omega 3 fortified - a nutrient known for improving heart health - because we feed flax seeds to our hens. Also, being exposed to sunlight, our hens produce eggs rich in vitamin D, which can make your bones and teeth stronger.


Buying locally-produced eggs promote environmental sustainability. Farmers can avoid transporting their eggs to longer distances which reduces the consumption of fuel as well as other resources like packaging and refrigeration. This not only lowers the carbon footprint but also encourages local farmers to produce more local foods.

Jenan is a sustainable food brand that is really conscious of the environment. Our eggs are produced and distributed without hampering the environment.


Locally-produced foods go through a strict safety mechanism before they are offered for consumption in the UAE. The authorities permit only those farmers who have a proper food safety system in place - right from production through to supply - to sell their products.

Jenan is a retail brand of Al Ghurair Foods that owns the biggest farm in the UAE. Our farm is Halal-certified and holds multiple HACCP - ISO accreditations related to food safety. With over a million hens, we are able to produce about 600,000 eggs per day.