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Jenan Products - Flour

All Purpose


A must-have flour in every kitchen, this flour is strong enough for bread, and gentle enough for scones and cakes.

Jenan All-Purpose Flour is available in 1KG & 2 KG packs, across the UAE



Healthy and versatile flour with high-fibre, protein and rich flavour. Contains high amounts of wheat bran and germ, this flour is perfect for making pizza and bread.
Jenan Wholemeal Flour is available in 2 KG packs, across the UAE

Self Raising


Perfect for making cakes, muffins and pastries at home without adding any raising agents.

Jenan Self-Raising Flour is available in 1 KG packs, across the UAE.

How We Make Our Flour

Before the actual processing, we eliminate the impurities that enter the raw grains during harvesting, transportation and storage.

The milling process involves the removal of layers of endosperm from the outer casing, the bran.

We separate this process in order to control the most critical aspects of the milling process such as particle size, starch damage and flour streaming.

Our state-of-the-art milling facilities and processes enable us to produce flours of the highest quality and consistency.


Kitchen Tips

Using flour as a thickener

For 1 cup of thin sauce, use 1 tbsp Jenan All Purpose Flour
For 1 cup of medium sauce, 1½ tbsps Jenan All Purpose Flour
For 1 cup of thick sauce, use 2 tbsps Jenan All Purpose Flour

Get dusting

Keep a new powder puff in your flour canister. When a recipe says to "dust" a pan with flour, use the powder puff.

Easy-open lids

Wipe the rims of stubborn containers with flour before closing the lid, and see how easy they are to open next time.

Non-stick cake tins

Grease the pan with one part butter and two parts flour, mixed together to a sandy consistency.

Avoid that sinking feeling

When adding fruits, raisins and nuts to cake batter, roll them in flour first. They're less likely to sink to the bottom of the cake.