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Jenan Products


Freshly milled, rich in texture and flavour, and made with carefully sourced grains from across the world, Jenan Flour is in every sense, a labour of love. And with your imagination, it can become almost anything delicious.

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  • All Purpose

  • Wholemeal

  • Chapatti Atta


From selecting the choicest grain to slowly kilning it, we guarantee only a perfect oat makes it into your breakfast bowl. Jenan Oats are hearty and filling, good for your heart and make for the most interesting recipes.

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Our farm-fresh Jenan Eggs are always brimming with healthy goodness – rich in natural proteins, low in saturated fats and packed with essential vitamins, calcium and minerals. Not to mention, a rich and superior taste.

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  • White

  • Brown

  • Omega 3