Enhance Your Quality Of Life With Jenan

Published: 3 May, 2021


Good food provides good health;

Good health provides good quality of life;

So, good food provides good quality of life.

For Jenan, quality of life means your physical and emotional well-being. Quality food contributes to both; it nourishes your body while providing you with a sense of satisfaction until your next hunger pangs strike.

Food for health

You need food to keep yourself going, maintain a healthy weight and keep your immune system strong.

But, how much food is enough for you to stay healthy?

Eating too much always puts you at greater risk of health problems like obesity and other conditions related to overnutrition. For example, eating high-calorie foods daily can increase your weight drastically. Your calorie levels remain higher than what is normally required by your body, leading to the accumulation of fat deposits. Your body stores up excess calories as fat.

This shows that food can also adversely affect your quality of life. Therefore, understanding food is important to achieve our goal of a healthy mind and body. Mother Nature has gifted us with plenty of sustainable foods to promote growth and lead a disease-free life.

But, how do we establish a healthy diet with a proper balance of nutrients?

There is no single food that can provide us with all the necessary nutrients that our body yearns for. We’ve to mix and match different foods from different food groups to get the right nutrients in the right quantities. By managing food, we are managing the nutrition intake and our health.

Five food groups

Generally, foods are classified into five groups, based on their nutrient content:

  • Grains and cereals: Source of carbohydrates. Eg. wheat, oats
  • Vegetables: Source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and phytonutrients. Eg. beans, legumes, leafy vegetables
  • Fruit: Source of a variety of vitamins such as C & E, fibre, minerals and phytonutrients. Eg. banana, pomegranate, apple, mango
  • Dairy-based: Source of calcium, important for teeth and bone strength. Eg. milk, cheese, curd, yoghurt
  • Protein-based: Essential for muscle growth and tissue repairs. Eg. lean meat, poultry, eggs

A quality diet is an all-inclusive diet with the perfect mix of foods from these five food groups.

What Jenan offers to improve your quality of life

As one of the healthiest oat, flour and egg brands in Dubai, Jenan is always committed to enhancing the quality of life of our customers. Our efforts have always been focused on providing healthy foods and nutrition to the people of the UAE and beyond. We offer a range of high-quality food products that broadly fall into the two main food groups: grain and cereal and protein-based.

  • Flour: from strong multi-purpose flour to high-protein wholemeal and self-raising flour for baking
  • Oats: High-calorie oats that are gluten-free and rich in fibre and protein
  • Eggs: Locally-produced eggs and special omega 3 fortified eggs

To help you make healthy food choices for your mealtime, we also bring you an excellent collection of recipes using Jenan products and ingredients from the other three food groups (depending on the type of dish). Browse and find recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, among others, here.

It’s true that quality of life can mean much more than just physical and emotional health. But, one’s physical and mental conditions can affect their quality of life. At Jenan, we do our best to improve the diet quality of our people because we know that improving it can improve the quality of life of our people.